Winter Wreath Painting - Free Supply List and Tracer

Updated: Jan 16

The girls and I had so much fun decorating for Christmas this year! Tim was so awesome and scored us a real tree for only $20 bucks down the road at our local nursery. Why... because it had a hole in the back where a branch or two must have fallen off lol! We didn't care. We just put that section against the wall, strung some lights and started hanging all of our favorite ornaments from Christmas past, years past really. The girls are grown but we hung ornaments and decorations they made from kindergarten on:)

Isn't it so amazing to bond with family like that and reminisce?! It's those little moments in life that make the world go round.

The winter holidays are such a magical time of the year & especially this year considering we got almost 5' of snow in our first storm! Yikes lol! I don't know about you but right after Christmas, if I'm honest, I can't wait to take everything down to have "room" back in the house hehe:) I'm torn when I do this because we still want to hold onto that Magical Feeling! That's when I got the idea to just create a beautiful winter painting that would hang on our wall and not clutter our "living" space. I wanted it to be special and remind us of that bonding time of when we decorated. So... that's where my inspiration came from.

Emily had put two wreaths together and hung it on the front door. She put the berries wreath inside of the green pine wreath & it looked so adorable! So that's what I used for inspiration for this piece of art. I combined the poinsettias into the painting as well and oh.... I LOVE the outcome and wanted to share it with you:)

Be sure to use the FREE Video, Tracer & Supply list I'm giving you and then follow along with the instructions below. You can download them HERE.