DIY Fall Porch Leaner

This easy DIY fall porch leaner was so much fun to create! Let me give you the steps so you can create one for yourself:)

First off, fall is my favorite time of year to be inspired to paint. What about you? I just planted some mums in my flower beds and I can't wait for the leaves to start changing. I feel blessed to live by the White Mountains. So excited to go Leaf peeping this year!

Sunflowers are so fun to paint and completely represent The Fall season. That's why I chose these big bright yellow sunflowers to put on my porch leaner sign.

Feel free to copy my design or put your own spin on it. One of my Creative Warriors members put her own spin by adding stems, leaves and a pumpkin. I'm so proud of her and it looks fantastic!


*Pine board, I got mine at Lowes for only $8 & cut it in 1/2 & made 2!! (One I sold & this one's for me:)

*Apple Barrel paints. I get these low cost craft paints right at Walmart. You can use any type you might have on hand like Deco Art for example. Colors I used; white, black, burnt umber, nutmeg (basically a light & dark brown) bright yellow, a tiny bit of co bright red & I mixed my own orange with yellow & red but you can use an orange paint if you have one on hand.

*Brushes; 2'' flat, 1" flat, #6 round, medium sized bristle & a detailed.

*Jar with water (since I'm using acrylic paints)

*Palette, I like to use the foam dinner plates so my paint can stay separated easily.

*Paper towels, to wipe your brushes.

*Blow-dryer, optional. I like to paint fast, so this speeds up my drying time.