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How to Paint Glass

I've done a few paintings in my lifetime. Ok, that's an understatement lol, I've painted LOTS! I've realized some artists have difficulty painting glass & guess what... it's easy!! The photo is a design I created years ago titled "Martini". I've sold many of these, just recreating the painting. *Follow along with this video. Here's my tips on painting glass.

  1. BRUSHES; flat angled, detailed & round. These are the ones I typically would use. Play around with these to see what one (s) feel right to you. The flat angled is my favorite because I use the chiseled edge to make quick lines, like on top & sides of the glass for example.

  2. PAINTS; White & Gray. These are the main 2 colors I use to paint glass. Depending on your subject design. You might think white is all you need but without the gray tones you wont get any dimension to your glass.

  3. BACKGROUND; Create this part of your painting 1st! I can't stress this enough, especially if you are painting "see through" glass. This will make your painting so much easier to create & will give the illusion of magical effects!

  4. PAINT YOUR GLASS; Put this in any position you feel is correct in your painting. As above, I put my glass right in the center. When you are painting your glass, leave "space" where the background shows right through. I would start with grays to outline, swipe in a few tones & then use the white on top of the gray in specific areas you want to "pop". The round brush is fun to use to get some "rounded" areas and use for liquid (if there's any in your glass). The detailed helps for little lines and curves as well as little dots or bubbles (if you were painting wine or champagne for example). And or, just for some small reflections of light.

Here's another example of a glass I painted. I used the round brush and detailed brush mostly for the liquid of the wine. This way I could get those curves & movement. I used the angled brush & detailed brush for the glass.

I would love to see your rendition of a glass painting! Jump in my free Facebook group, Creative Dreams, HERE & show me:) Plus there's many other artists in there who would love to help you out and or you could help others as well. We'd love to know your thoughts.

You may use my designs if you would like to practice painting your own glass. Hang your masterpiece in your home or give to a family member or friend as a gift. They will LOVE IT!

If you love to paint and would like to sell your paintings but your not sure how, I would love to coach you through the process! Get rights to my designs that have proven to sell & how to, step by step HERE.

Happy Painting!!

~ Amy ~

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