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Black & White Painting Tutorial Tree & Crows


Let’s create a simple but amazing painting! This black & white acrylic piece of art will make a statement. Create this painting & impress yourself and your friends with your artwork!! Hang in your home to have a custom piece of wall art & decor or… give as a gift and make someone extremely happy:)

*If you are a Creative Warrior you may use as a GOLD rights design! If you’re not, get on the waitlist here.


Brushes: 1”Flat, ¾” flat, round & detailed.

Paint colors: Black & white

I will be using acrylic craft apple barrel paints. You may use any other brand or type you’d like.


Canvas or any surface you would like to paint on. I’ll be using 11x14'' multi-media paper. Blow-dryer (optional), jar for paint water, paper towels, palette or paper plate.

*I can’t wait to paint with you!!

Please let me know if you have any questions:)


1.Paint background white (entire surface) with 1”flat brush. No right or wrong here. You may go back and forth horizontally, vertically or do what I do & pretend you’re buttering toast lol! I wipe the brush back and forth all over the canvas in no specific order. Just paint it on there.

*You may want to use a blowdryer at this point to speed up your background drying time.

If you’re wondering why you should paint a white canvas, or multi media paper white, it’s because your brushes will flow smoother to create the detail of your painting.

2.Round brush & black paint; Roll & load the round brush. You want quite a bit of water or medium as well so that the brush will glide easy.

Start at the bottom of the canvas to make the trunks of the trees. I put 3 trunks on mine but put as little or as many as you’d like.

Make sure your tree trunks are wider at the base and thinner as you move up on the canvas.

Mine have some “wiggle” in them and lean towards the left. This is also up to you. Get as creative as you’d like. I usually say “pretend you’ve had too much coffee” to get that wiggle effect lol!

3.Switch to your ¾” flat, angled and complete the tips of the trunks. This way you can even get a thinner look at the tops. I make some of mine run right off the canvas. Seems to make a more interesting painting;)

Use this same brush with black paint to create some run off branches all throughout your larger tree trunks. Wherever you’d like. There’s no right or wrong here.

4.To put finishing touches on your trees switch to your detailed or liner brush (still with black paint. This is all we will use for this painting).

Make sure when you load your paint onto this thin brush it’s fairly watery. You want it somewhat of an ink consistency. You can use medium for this or both. I find water is the best for the thin consistency.

Now use your “coffee” hand again and basically like draw on thin little branches concentrated mostly on the tops of your trees. Don’t forget to do this on all of your run off branches you created with the ¾” brush.

Once again make as many or as little as you want. It’s your painting:)

5.Lastly use your detailed brush to paint on silhouettes of some crows. If you want to watch the video it may be more helpful to “see” how to do this instead of reading.

I basically start by making a stretched out s to shape the top of the bird & then go from there. Fill in the belly & make sure to have some tail feathers & a point for the beak as well.

I did make one of my birds “flying”. Go ahead and give that a shot too:)

Pick any places you feel will look good on your creation to place your birds. Once again make as many or as little as you’d like.

Walah, you're done! Just sign & date with a detailed brush in the corner.

Hey listen, there are many amazing things you could do with this painting! For instance, make the background a different color. In my opinion a solid purple would look nice. You also could do an ombre of sunset colors!

Another idea for a different spin is to keep the background white and trees black but… put a splash of color with some different species of birds! How about some Cardinals or BlueJays?

Wanna pause & paint with me on the video version? Here ya go:) VIDEO STEP BY STEP

I would love to see your creations!!

Happy Painting:)

~ Amy ~

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