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Host Your Own Art Show

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Easy way to sell your artwork online!

Market your own paintings.

Remember the days of dragging your paintings around to arts and crafts shows? How about hanging your beautiful creations in local businesses and hoping for a sale? I've been there, done that and feel your pain. You can literally host your own art show online!

We get lucky right and sell some pieces here and there. But I never thought I would be a living working artist right on the internet! I want you to have success with this as well. So let me give you some tips. Oh and don't worry, I wasn't very techy either lol! I come from old school typing class.

You don't need a website, or pay for vending fees! You can do this right on social media. My favorite is Facebook.

Tip #1 - Build Awareness

Make sure your friends and followers know you're an artist. Even if you work another job that has nothing to do with art. If you create your own paintings and drawings then you are an artist! Post about this with pictures of what your working on, reels, stories and lives of you creating etc. Whatever way your comfortable with posting.

Tip #2 - Build Connections

Who's interested in your artwork? Who commented, liked, loved, shared or watched you Live? Be SOCIAL on social media and respond to these people. Thank them for showing interest in your work. Ask them what they like most about it etc.

Be social with who shows interest!

Tip #3 - Set a Date and Time

Set a date that gives you enough time to pump up your show. People need to see something over and over again before they'll take action. I suggest at least a month in advance so you can post about it or go Live telling people about your art show a couple times a week before it happens!

Tip #4 - LIVE Show

Hands down I've had the most successful online art shows by going Live! I'd show my paintings, one by one and let people claim what they want. Keep in mind, if you're using Facebook, selling isn't allowed on your profile. You can ask for sales on Live from your business page or in a group that you admin.

If all you have right now is your profile, that's ok, just don't say prices or ask for a sale. Just show your pieces and talk about each one. What inspired you to create it, size, where it would look good in a home etc. People who are interested will ask if you're selling it. The best way to have this conversation is in messenger.

Tip #5 - Album Show

Afraid to go Live? Then do this instead. Put your available pieces inside of an album. Remember, you're not supposed to sell from your profile so I suggest you do this inside of a group you admin, on your business page, or put photos inside of an event.

You can put your artwork in to an album on your profile but just don't put a price or say that they are available. Like I said above, if someone wants it they will ask and you can have that conversation in messenger.

Be Consistent

Whatever way you choose to host your own art shows online, Live sale or album, be consistent. I sold my paintings on a Live show almost every month for 3 years!!!

I have a couple more goodies for you to help you succeed with your art sales...

*Free online art show check list with bonuses HERE

*Online art party e-book HERE , This one will help you to build customers faster and it's only $10!

Happy Selling


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