Make Money Selling Your Artwork Online

Yes you can make money selling your artwork online! I'm living proof:) What kind of artwork do you like to create? Let me know in the comments. I love to create abstracts & landscapes mostly with acrylics. Do you like to draw? I've also had great luck with charcoal portraits of people & animals. So many people love to have a custom creation of a loved one or pet & they make great gifts! Have you created a portrait before?

Guess what... I've found a way to make money with my artwork organically, without spending a bunch of money on ads, just using social media. This was a shocker to me. In the beginning I seriously didn't think this could be possible but it worked!

When I started having success, doing what I love & getting paid for it, I wanted to give back. I knew there would be other creative people out there, like me, who would want to know how to do this. After months of brainstorming and testing different ways to help you, I finally got it figured out lol!

At first I created courses. This worked a bit but I soon put a stop to that. Why... because I wanted to be in the trenches with you. When you have a question I wanted to be able to answer it right away. I wanted to deliver to you when there are changes in the online world of social media (which hey - there's a lot).

So I took everything I did to find success as an artist online and put it into an interactive membership for you called Creative Warriors! I couldn't be more happier & same with my founding members:) I love interacting with them and helping them step by step along the way. I mean, this is a journey right.

I always wished, in the beginning, I had a coach or a mentor to help me along the way. That's what I do now as well as still sell my own art paintings. Creative Warriors only opens twice a year. If you would like me to give you a heads up so you don't miss it, jump on the waitlist HERE.


So in short, here's what you need so sell your art online;

*A desire & willingness to try

*Your favorite social media space (mine is Facebook)

*Some artwork created to show

*A cell phone, laptop, ipad or combination of

*A payment method (I like PayPal)

*A printer if you're going to ship from home, for your shipping labels