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Hello Creative One!

 Are you an artist who wants to make a living or a side hustle with your paintings but your not sure how? Perfect... you're in the right place!

 I'm Amy owner of Amy Parker Art & founder of Creative Warriors. I teach artists how to market their paintings online - even if you're not techy;)

 I can't WAIT to help you with your creative dreams!!

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 I would like to do some art shows, I think that would be cool! I painted one of your video tutorials on a 16x20” canvas & posted it on social media because I loved it so much & got TONS of comments on it!! They were saying “Oh my gosh, how much do you want for that? How much, how much”? I thought... someone wants to buy my painting, that’s amazing! So I ended up selling my 1st painting I created with you & now she wants me to paint another one!!

 I’m a mom & I work full time so sometimes it’s hard to find the time but I’m still going to. My son wants to join in when I paint so I always make sure I have extra paints and canvases for him too or even play dough to keep him busy.

 I love being in Creative Warriors! There’s tons of information in there. I really love the library so I can find things I need like tips on how to market my art. The community is very helpful! I can get feedback quickly from other artists and I like to share things I’ve created also to help them out. It keeps me excited!!

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