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Paint Starry Night with a Twist

It’s so much fun to put a creative twist on a painting! I’ll show you how to put a twist on Starry Night so you can paint your own along with me!!

Invite a family member to paint along with you like I did. I was lucky enough to have my daughter Emily home from college. She was excited to paint this with me for Tuesday night paint nights that I host on my Facebook business page every week. Join us anytime you’d like right here.

I’ll give you the supply list and step by step instructions that I used to create this painting. Remember you can get creative. You don’t have to use the same exact paints or surface that I did. If you have a craft closet in your house, just grab what you can from there!

I painted on multi-media paper (because I do a ton of paintings) but you can use canvas or even cardboard to practice at home.



Sm Round, ¾”flat, ½”flat, ½” bristle, detailed


Black ,white, purple, orange, pink, green, blue, yellow, red (I'm painting with acrylic craft paints).


11x14" multi media paper


Paper towels, jar with water & palette (I used a styrofoam paper plate).

*Optional, if you would like the tracer I have it in my free group on Facebook called Creative Dreams. You can get it here.


*black & round outline cypress tree & bottom 2 mountain lines.

*purple & round, outline 2 s winds & top mt line.

*round & orange paint circles for moon & stars

*¾” flat & pink fill in wind & top mountains

*½” flat & pink fill in bottom land

*same brush & dark purple fill in middle mountains

*fill in sky with light purple using first the ¾ brush & then get close around stars etc with the round brush

*round & black make fire strokes on cypress tree (refill in outline if needed)

*light purple with dab of red on round make dashes on bottom half of first hill (by sky)

*bristle & light purple put sporadic dabbs around bottom land.

*do same as above but with dark purple and focus more on top part of land & center where village will be.

*round brush & dark pink on top mountains, around bottom s & around moon & stars.

*round & black dashes on purple mountains, village & hay bails

*round & light green, tree, purple mountains & village

*orange & round, tree, go over stars & moon, village house lights only

*round & light yellow, moon, tree, dots in village windows, hay bales & stars

*round & light purple, wind & purple mountains.

*round & dark blue, sky, village & hay bails

*round & light blue fill in tree, a bit in sky, a bit in village, hay bails & dark mt.

*round & drk purple fill in village, in between hay bails & sky

*round & medium shade of pink in wind & first hill (skyline)

*round & white, clouds

*black & liner church cross


Here's the video from paint night so you can go step by step with Emily & I.


Here's the quick version from my YouTube.

I hope you had TONS of FUN painting this! I would love to see your version!! Tag me on Instagram @amyparkerart

~Keep on Creating~



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