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Creative Vision Board Challenge

I’ve been creating a vision board every year for about 20 years now. I was inspired to do this by listening to Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey & also watching and reading the Secret!

Being an artist I’ve always had a passion for creating but more so my “why” was to share it in some way to help and inspire others!! I want you to think of this when you’re creating your vision board. What inspires you and “why”? Why do you want to reach that dream or goal?

We’ve all had successes and failures as human beings, I’m no different. What I’ve realized is, the more we focus on a positive goal with a compelling “why” the closer we’ll get to realizing that dream and turn it into our reality!


This year I’m making my creative dreams vision board with a 4 season theme! I wanted something that would represent and always remind me of the entire year. Feel free to use this idea if you would like:) I have a video I created to show you how to paint some simple elements for the 4 seasons.

If you love to paint & draw like I do here’s some more theme ideas just off the top of my head…

*Palette and or paint brushes

*Pencils and or charcoal (if you’re a portrait artist)

*Silhouettes of faces, people or animals (portrait artist)

*Mod Podge on your favorite creations you painted or drew in the past year!

*Mod Podge on some masterpieces of your favorite artists for inspiration!


Like I said, I used a canvas but you could use many different materials for your vision board even pieces you have hanging around your house! How about…

*A pizza box or any box or cardboard

*A picture frame

*Poster board

*A piece of wood

*3 fold display board, like a kids school project

Here’s a video I did and my viewers came up with some more GREAT material ideas and also places they could hang them!


Here’s the BEST part of all…. Your dreams & goals!! What are they? Get them on that vision board! What makes you feel alive, good, happy, inspired etc? What is your “why”? Family is a huge why for me. What about you? What drives you and motivates you? What do you want to accomplish this year? Do you want to improve your artistic skill? Would you like to sell some paintings or drawings as a side hustle or full time? Would you like to know how to market your artwork online?

Grab a pen & paper and sit in a quiet space for 20 min. Give yourself the freedom to write down whatever your heart desires. Even if it may seem impossible, if it’s a dream and goal of yours, write it down! Go over your list. Circle 4 things that MOST inspire you that you wrote down & put these on your vision board. You can do this with photos, paint or draw them or write quotes etc. *Save the middle spot of your vision board for your “why”!! What will go here? Is it family? Helping others? Giving in some way?

Maybe my mission statement for my own vision board could help you come up with more ideas! Mine is: My creative dreams & goals this year are to pivot my art business to reach and help more artists grow their own art businesses online like I did. The reason WHY I want to do this is to spend the best quality time with my family as possible and to GIVE BACK to my creative community!


Are you going to make your vision board? If so, join the free group Creative Dreams and let’s do this together! Let us know if you’re stuck & we will brainstorm with you. Have some great ideas for your vision board?... share it with your creative peers!!

Post your pic in the announcement section of the group under “Vision Board Challenge” by the end of the day on January 31st & I will choose someone at random who participates & send them a special surprise from me:)

Good luck, have FUN & I can’t wait to see your creative vision boards!

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