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3 Artist Inspiration Ideas During Winter

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

I don't know about you but in January & February I feel the winter blues creeping in. I love being outside in nature but my body doesn't like the cold. I told my husband Tim "Someday soon we're gonna be snowbirds". We'd love to have a getaway down in Florida or Georgia next to our sisters. New Hampshire is gorgeous & I LOVE living in New England but my skin could sure use some vitamin D:)

Being an artist and creative my whole life, I've found 3 key things that help to inspire me & ward off cabin fever and the winter blues. I hope these ideas help to inspire you as well!


Being artists we can appreciate the beauty around us and notice the "little things" as well. Green leaves are fresh & uplifting but don't disregard the amazing winter canvas that God gives us! Especially after a snowfall when everything is clean & sparkly:) It truly is breathtaking!!

In the past, some artists I mentor have said "Amy, I don't know what to paint. Everything is so white". Listen... black & white paintings can make a huge statement & be popular sellers if you want to sell your own art! I'm speaking from experience here.

This is a simple painting I created a couple of years ago that I titled "Pillar of Trees" and sold numerous renditions of.

Black & whites have great contrast and are very "eye catching" on social media. (Hint... just in case you want to gain some more followers and get eyes on your creations).

I was shocked at the number of collectors of mine who purchased black & white paintings from me. I know them pretty well & when I asked one of them "Why are you interested in this piece in particular? I know you normally purchase my lake pieces". She said "The black & white I can put anywhere in my house because it doesn't clash with any of my decor". (Good to know! Make sure you're asking your collectors questions like this).

Want to go the color route? Snow can capture many colors of the spectrum! You can use lots or a little. Hey, you're the artist:) Picture this... I also hosted a paint night with the Pillar of Trees. I told them they can copy me exactly or put in whatever they would like for added details on their paintings. One woman painted a Cardinal bird on one of her branches. This bit of red color made her painting pop!

Add even more color to your creations. I snapped a photo when Tim and I took a drive one day and created this piece below. Sunset & sunrise are perfect times to look out your windows and see what colors you can find in the snowy landscapes. Notice how much "white" I used in this painting compared to the one above. Huge difference! Get creative:)

What about your backed up commission orders? Winter is a great time to get these completed!

Do you take custom orders for drawings & paintings? I've done a ton of both. Portraits are huge sellers.

If you want orders but don't have any yet, why not put an example of something you created online? Use social media and show an amazing piece you created!!

Keep in mind what you show you will attract more of. I posted a pic of an adorable puppy commission I painted and got another commission the next day for guess what... another puppy!


Don't feel like painting because you just can't get in the mood? Inspire yourself by learning something new that will help you with your future creations! What is your goal being an artist? Do you want to improve your techniques for painting or drawing? Do you want to build awareness for your work? Do you want to gain art collectors? Whatever the case may be there's always more to learn! This will help you feel productive even if you're not actually painting at the moment.

Search for helpful tips, stories, videos, read books, take a class, whatever is going to benefit you in the long haul while you're inside sipping your hot cocoa:)

One thing I learned how to do during the winter months was create a mentor membership for artists! Why, because it falls in line with my creative goals which is to help other artists gain collectors online so they can make a living or a side hustle with their own creations like I did. That's how Creative Warriors was born!!


This is a great time to get on Live and talk about being an artist. Show your work, talk about what you life is like as a creative person or do a live show sale! (I have a free online art show checklist for you here).

If you're not ready for Live, that's ok, just start by making some posts & stories. You can connect so many different ways online. Are you in any groups for artists? This is another great idea to connect with others.

Of course you are welcome to be a member of the community I created for you:) I would love to have you! Get on the waitlist here.

I also have a free group for you called Creative Dreams. I would love to know what your creative dreams are! Request to become a member here & I'll add you:)

I hope these ideas of mine have gotten your wheels spinning and help you to get through the winter months:) Please let me know if you have any other ideas or things you have done that have been helpful to you!!

~ Amy ~

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