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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Congratulations on taking an important step with your art business by becoming a member of Parker's Creative Money! I'm thankful for the internet in this day and age where we can share our art business journeys "together"!!

I know it takes TIME to get to know someone but with the power of video this makes "Getting to know me" so much easier:) I have numerous pre-recorded video's for you to watch here and also in "Parker's Creative Money" Facebook group. Extra bonus.... I'm LIVE in the group once a week where you can interact with me!

Please work at your own pace. There's no right or wrong here. Everyone is a "Unique" Artist and we all have different times we can put into growing our businesses.

Try not to get overwhelmed, hence the reason I set up this membership program for you:) I've been there, done that, with all the trial and errors and compressed all that "works" right here for you to save you TONS OF RESEARCH TIME Yaye!!!

Because we are all individuals with different types of hand crafted creations, some things I teach may not apply to you or your business but a LOT will. Make your own judgement calls on soaking up information. Ultimately "You" are in charge of your Art Business and the decisions you make to help grow and prosper. I'm here to give you some tools so... utilize what applies, leave the rest, have FUN and ENJOY xoxox

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