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Selling Online Mindset

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

If you haven't sold online before I want you to come into this membership program with an open mind. It's not as hard as you think but it does take some time to build a business. Some of you will build faster than others depending on your product, customer base and TIME you devote to your business.

An online presence this day and age is NESSESARY especially if you want to sell from home!

How many potential customers do you think you could reach online vs selling at an Arts & Crafts show? It's actually a world with ENDLESS opportunity!!

When you set up for a craft show you sit there for the day, talk to some people and try to make sales. You probably hand out some business cards too. Then you break down and drive home, unload and put everything away and wait for the next show to do it all again.

Here this... when you set up a shopping group on FB, Business page and tweak your personal page it's done! You don't have to break it down. You didn't have to drive anywhere or pay any money for a spot and the BEST thing is... this online presence you created it there forever or as long as you want! Yes you need to work it and interact with your customers but it is sooooo much easier:)


This is just like lightning right? Of course it is! Think of this scenario.... you're set up at a craft show and a woman stops to look at one of your paintings and says "This is BEAUTIFUL! I don't have any wall space left in my home but my sister just bought a house and would LOVE this"! (Yes ok she could buy it for her sister but she doesn't have the money or whatever the reason may be). You hand her a card. She asks if you ship. She says she will talk to her sister etc. Some of these conversations can go on for a while right? All the while your missing the opportunity to speak to "other" potential collectors because it's busy time and there's a rush of foot traffic.

Now picture this...

You post a photo of your painting on Facebook. This woman sees it and knows her sister would LOVE it so she instantly "shares" it with her! The sister knows all the details of your piece because you wrote it in the description. While she's contemplating "other" people are simultaneously "liking" "sharing" and commenting on your post. You're not going to miss a sale either because you had to leave your Arts & Crafts table to run to the bathroom. It's all right there on your phone!

For some of you this is a no brainer but if you're like me, in the beginning of selling online, I had to grasp this concept of the internet being one BIG craft show!!!

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