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Painting Auctions

Hello Art Lovers!!

If you LOVE the thrill of bidding on a painting in an Art Auction, I have some news for you....

I'm Amy Parker an artist from NH & I sell my paintings online. One of the "Funnest" segments of my business would hands down be the painting auctions I hold in my Facebook group #AmyParkerArt! My collectors Love this and so do I!!!


I first got this idea years ago when I used to sell on Ebay. That was tons of Fun but my Facebook group is even better! I concentrate all of my collectors in there (ok... I don't twist their arms lol) and they get first views and dibs on my creations.


We usually do this once a week. Sometimes I'm a slacker since I'm a one woman show here so don't hold me to that but... you can be sure there will be some upcoming painting auctions soon! There's probably one going on right now!


It's easy to bid on a piece that you love! All you have to do is put your bid price in the comments. Yup... it's that easy. If you're the winning bidder.... I simply invoice you & then ship it out! I currently use PayPal for my invoicing and no... you don't need to have a PayPal account to pay. You can pay through the invoice with just a debit or credit.


My ending bid prices vary... well... because it's an auction but I definitely have affordable pieces (until I become the next Monet:) So jump on board now before that happens lol! I normally start my bidding price between $10 & $40.


The paintings I put up for bid usually consists of landscapes, florals or abstracts. You may see other types of style & subject pop up from time to time because I like to paint a lot! The normal size canvas I paint on is a 16x20". But all the info for the painting auction will be in my description when I list it in the group.

These are all original paintings created by me. Each one is unique. If you see one you like I suggest you bid since I never again can create one exactly the same.

**Here's some EXAMPLES of past Paintings I've put on Auction**


Here's some examples of how the bidding goes in my group #AmyParkerArt.....

If you're an Art Lover who likes to collect art ... feel free to join my group! #AmyParkerArt

Can't wait to see you inside & remember "Have FUN & Happy Bidding" x0x0x0


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