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From Brick & Mortar to Online Art Business

I've always had a passion for using my talents, which is singing, drawing and painting. and I've always had a strong motivational drive for business, marketing especially.

Which is weird. I mean how does business fit in with singing, drawing and painting?

Well I made the connection of why I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It's because I wanted to make it in this world, make a living, using my talents.

And we've all heard it before right? What is it? “You don't want to be a starving artist. You betta get a degree in something so you can actually make a living”.

So I got my cosmetology license. And I figured hey, I can still use my talents intermittently. Which is exactly what I did. Doing arts and crafts shows & Singing in my band.

I opened my own hair salon on Union Ave, in my city, with 7 employees, a huge overhead & lots of anxiety!

One day my sweet friend Danielle, who was an employee of mine, took the hair color bowl from my hand...looked me in the eye and said “You go home and take a rest! I'll take care of the shop for a couple of days”.

So I did what any middle-aged business owner would do with a bad back. I went home, took a Flexeril and passed out for 8 hours. Don't get the wrong impression that's the last time I took a Flexeril.

When I woke up I felt great! I grabbed my drawing pad, which I hadn't done in a while. I drew a portrait of my dog & posted it on social media.

The next day I woke up dreading to go back into the shop. I turned on my phone and I had 5 portrait orders. Hu? Wow! That's amazing I thought because I wasn't expecting that!

I completed those orders but not in a timely fashion because I was busy at the shop. Those 5 orders tripled and then I had to stop posting. I was in a predicament. I was torn.

I loved being a business owner. But I didn't love not using my biggest passion and talent, which is art. The more I thought about it, something happened...

I started viewing my predicament as an opportunity. As a Crossroads & I did what a lot of entrepreneurs do, I switched gears!

Fast forward, I closed the shop. Took a part-time job as a waitress, as an employee. It wasn’t a step down for me, it was a relief. A stepping stone. It was a massive weight off my shoulders! During this time, I worked my love for art as a side hustle online. I started painting faster with acrylics & gaining art collectors!!

August 1st 2018 was a great day for me! It was the day I quit my waitress job!

It was the day I went all-in running my own online art business!

It was the day I knew, I would never be a starving artist! I could feed myself and my family with what I love to do!!

It was the day I knew I would record my progress every step of the way so, in turn, I can help other artists just like you because I've been there!

It was the day I knew, I could teach you how to make a living or side hustle with your art... just like I've done:)

Get on the waitlist for the membership I created for you called "Creative Warriors" right HERE.

~ Amy ~

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2 comentarios

Linda Arsenault
Linda Arsenault
29 mar 2021

Love all that you offer Amy! You are very versatile and talented. This story sounds familiar As far as doing your routine job and coming home to do what makes you happy. Love to see someone follow there passion and creat a new life. I’m glad to be a part of creative warriors its been fun. I highly recommend Amy as a mento. I love your presentation your a real Gem.

Me gusta
Amy Parker
Amy Parker
29 mar 2021
Contestando a

Thank you so much Linda! I love helping you😀

Me gusta
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