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Feel Like a Poor Starving Artist?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I used to be a poor starving artist just like you.

Ok so I'm not rich but I'm not starving. I pay my mortgage and all my bills every single month with my art income alone hallelujah! It' wasn't always this way for me though. Sometimes I did well in sales but for the most part I struggled to sell my art. It wasn't until I decided to give Facebook a shot that I continuously started selling my paintings.

I remember the Arts & Craft show days. Dragging my paintings around, dealing with windstorms and hoping I'd sell enough to pay the spot rent and have a bit to bring home. But truthfully... most of the time I didn't break even.

Deciding on a social media site and running full force with it was one of the BEST decisions I've ever made!


I wish when I started to sell my art I had someone to help me, a friend, mentor or teacher. Someone who has "Been there Done that" and understood where I was coming from. I'm sure they were out there I just didn't have the pleasure of stumbling upon one:( I did find some "Art Coaches" but the prices were so astronomically high I couldn't afford it.

With Parker's Creative Money Membership program you will learn what steps I have taken to actually make a living at selling art!!! I will give you all the strategies I have learned that "works" so you can apply them to your own art business!

I also will keep you informed of all the latest updates with Facebook and internet strategies as I discover them.

So glad you're here with me and we can take this Art Selling journey together!

~Keep on Creating~

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