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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

*VIDEO NOTICE: I meant to say "Closed" Facebook group not "Private".

*NOTE: Facebook is continuously changing within the interface & rules. I will keep you updated with these changes as discover them myself.


*You CAN use for business but not SOLELY. As long as you are continuing to create "social" posts you should be all set.

*Privacy... you have the option to keep your personal page "public" or "private". I have mine currently set to "private" but I make my business posts "public". I know lot's of business owners who have "public" personal pages & I'm leaning towards trying this out myself in the future.

*SHARING... when making a business post, whether pic or live video, it will NOT be shareable to everyone unless you set the post to "public". Example: if I post a picture of a painting for sale and I did not set to "public" all my friends can see it and comment but if they "share" it for me to "their" personal pages "their" friends cannot see or comment on my painting UNLESS I am friends with that person also.


*Public: When you set up your business page it is automatically set to "Public". You cannot change this. That's what they were intended for, to be a public platform for your business.

*Not a Website: A Facebook business page is not your own website. Facebook itself is "a" website. A business page is simply a "spot" you "use" on Facebooks website for your business.

*Followers: Potential customers can follow you by hitting the "Like" button. You cannot "add" people to a business page. You can "invite" friends to "like" your business page.

*Searchable: Business pages are searchable on google! Great especially if you want people to find a brick and mortar store like an "Art Studio" or "Gallery".

*Business Card: Think of a business page as an "online" business card. This will hold all the information you would want to hand out to a potential Art collector PLUS much more!

*Reachable: Because these are "public" your videos, posts and photos could potentially be reachable anywhere in the world with whomever has a Facebook account! But here's the thing.... it typically takes a LONG TIME and lots of effort to build a following on a business page. It "is" possible though, I've seen it happen!!

*Boosting Posts: When you set up your FB Business page, Facebook will send you messages about "Boosting Posts". I recommend you do NOT do this. You can if you want but.... secret...this is a way FB makes money $ off of you. Normally boosting posts does NOT work but organically growing your following does.

*Advertising: Aside from boosting posts, advertising campaigns work well for most and this is an option you will have by having a business page. I will not go into this because it's not necessary at first (or at all) to start growing your business on FB. Ad Campaigns cost money, time and require you to be tech savvy.

*Call to action Button: you can set this up in numerous ways so your customer can immediately call you, message you or shop your products.

*Messages: Think of these like an e-mail account. You will have a message inbox where you can see and reply to customer inquiries on your own time. You can also set an automated reply when someone asks you a question.

*Analytics: Business pages are great for gaining knowledge about your customer base by checking analytics! See who and how people are interacting with your page by viewing stats on age, gender, location, time of day, most popular posts etc.

*Demographics: you can use this feature to target market certain people in posts and advertisements.

*Connect Group: you will have the ability to connect your page to your group which will keep your "page" more active. You can also set posts in "group" to be listed under you or your page to attract more likes and followers.

*TIP: To have a popular business page and gain a continuous following you NEED to be active in your group on a regular basis!


~Hands down my favorite selling platform on FB~ Think of your "group" like your "personal" page. It's an area where you can interact with people (your customers) on a daily basis.

*Settings: you have the option to set your shopping group to "public" "closed" or "secret". I suggest "closed".

*Layout: you have numerous options on a layout, basically a "template" for your group. I have mine set to "custom".

*Members: You have the ability to "add" members to your group. You can also give your current members the same option to "add" people.

*Sell: This is "your" group yes... you can sell your artwork here.

*Rules: you can create rules for your group so everything can run smoothly.

*About: Explain what you have to offer in this group and who you are.

*Announcements: There is no longer an option to "pin" a post to the top of your groups feed but there are "announcements" which basically mean the same thing. Currently you can attach up to 5 announcements.

*Search Bar: Your customers can search for specific topics / posts in your group instead of having to scroll.

*Post Visibility: when set to "closed" group your members are the only people who will be able to see your posts. They cannot share them.

*Schedule Posts: I LOVE this feature! You will have to ability to schedule a post per day for up to 30 days to stay active!

I hope this information has given you a better understanding of what the differences of these are and what they have to offer:)


~Hands down my favorite selling platform on Facebook~

*TIP: To have a popular business page and gain a continuous following you NEED to be active in your group on a regular basis"

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