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Vendor sign ups are now CLOSED until next year!!

Vendor Info & Application

***If you are a Creative Warriors member do not fill out this form. There's special instructions and perks set up for you inside the membership!!***

 Hello Creative One!! Please read this information. Your vendor application is at the bottom of the page. By submitting the form you agree to the terms on this page. I’m so EXCITED for you, so let’s get going…



Items / product, must be hand created by you! Examples, paintings, drawings, craft items like wreaths, door hangers, soaps, candles, jewelry etc. No food, this is a virtual show. If you’re unsure about your items please contact me first.

 *Items must follow Facebook rules & guidelines! Some examples of what is NOT allowed, nudes, violent or grotesque items / images. Drug paraphernalia, live animals, weapons, guns etc.

 Let’s all use common sense & have Fun! This should be an uplifting online artistic experience:)  



 I’m asking you to invite a minimum of 5 people to the Hello Spring private Facebook group where the show will be held. These should be people who love and support you like your family & friends. No, they do not have to purchase anything. That’s up to them. 

 I’m doing my part also by inviting my own art collectors to attend. Plus... creating numerous forms of marketing and advertising content to get people in the door for you:) We want to make sure we have more shoppers than vendors, so let's do our part!


Bad Apples:

 No tolerance for bullies, mean people, rudeness, cretiques, bad language (swearing) etc. Be nice - be respectful! We are here to have Fun:) If you have an issue with something or someone, let me know privately please. Anyone not following this rule will be removed from the show without a refund!


Customer Service:

 Follow through with your own sale transactions. I do NOT take a % of this. You can charge what you want for your items. Answer customer questions and be helpful to them. This is your business. Give them a nice experience:)


Set Up:

 Setting up for a virtual event is quite different than in person. I have a private “practice” group for you. 

 After you submit your vendor application you should be directed to this practice group. Your device could say thank you with a clickable link that says back to merchant. If so, click “back to merchant” which is my website, Amy Parker Art. I will have the link to the practice group for you there. 

 *If you don’t see either of these, don’t freak out lol! Just message me and I will get you right into the practice group:) My email: My Facebook messenger:

 In the practice group, I will have set up information for you. We can talk freely & I will answer any questions you have to make your show run smoothly!!


No Sales / Don’t Worry:

 Listen, I don’t have a magic wand. I cannot make people buy from you. This is just like any other in person event. Sometimes vendors do great with sales & sometimes not. 

 What I CAN promise you is… to build awareness for you as an artist or crafter! Allow you to drive traffic to the places you want! Like, your websites, business pages, profile etc. To get eyes on you & your creations!!! (How to do this will be explained in the practice group). 

Vendor Application  **VENDOR SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED**

Vendor fee for this show is $10.

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