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Living Artist - Amy Parker

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

“Hi” I’m Amy Parker an artist from New Hampshire!! I work from my home studio and create on a daily basis:) With the help of the internet I have gathered numerous collectors who purchase many of my creations. I couldn’t be more thankful! I love creating art and inspiring others* I’ve created a course to help other artists do the same.


I’m lucky to have a Mom who let us kids get dirty with paint when we were little. Making messes equaled beautiful paintings later in life:) In high school I did a few exhibitions with my class and was chosen to paint a massive mural on my school wall. In my early 20’s I mastered the art of portrait drawings and sold numerous commissions. I started painting in Acrylic medium when my kids were young, I didn’t want toxic fumes around my babies:) Because this medium has a quick drying time I became a FAST painter.

When in my 30’s I learned a lot about the business of art by selling on E-bay, Etsy & numerous Arts & Craft shows.... I even put a few on myself. Early 40’s I became a member of my local Art Association, took some classes and entered some Exhibits. I won some ribbons for my pieces and got press in the local papers. Ok that’s it, I’m not older than that yet lol!

My subject style currently consists mostly of Landscapes and Abstract. I do open my schedule up to commissions once & a while but for the most part paint what’s in my heart and soul*


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