How to Sell my Art on Facebook

Hello creative one! I'm very excited to talk about this because Facebook is where I've found the most joy in selling my artwork and I want to pass this valuable info to you. Especially if you're an artist struggling to sell your artwork.

I started gaining a presence on Facebook and organically growing my business in August 2018. Within the first 3 months I made $10,000 and in the first year gained 700 art collectors!!

What I did was...

*Set up a business page

*Set up a shopping group

*Posted examples of my work on my personal profile

Use attraction marketing on your personal profile. This is NOT posting a photo of your art with a price on it and sharing it everywhere and telling others to do the same. What I did for example was post a photo of a scenic painting I created and said something like... "Check out this beautiful sunrise!! I hope you all have a wonderful day"! Keep it simple. You do NOT want to be a pushy salesperson.

Facebook LIVE is very important. It's the fastest way to reach people. If you haven't tried it before you should give it a go. Make sure to set your live to "public" so other people can find you. I do a lot of live videos actually creating my artwork so my viewers can get a demonstration of how each piece is created.

If you've done arts & craft shows in the past, or even just walked around at some, which vendors attract the most people? I've found the ones that are actually working on their "craft". So why not do that on Facebook live. That's what I do.

*Tip for stagefright:

If you don't want your face on camera, we as artist can get around this. Just point your camera at your easel and draw or paint. I've gotten a lot of business this way!

So how do you get business doing Facebook live demonstrations on your personal profile? You're friends and family will "like" it, "share" it, comment on it & eventually, sometimes sooner than later, you will get "private messages" about it. Inquiries on price & other aspects of your business!! You will definitely get recognition and people will know you & what it is that you do.

Setting up a Facebook business page is important. Think of it as a business card. This is where people can get your contact information (what you provide anyway) learn what your business is about etc. You are allowed to sell on your business page!

You are allowed to share your content from your business page to your profile. I wouldn't suggest sharing every post but one here or there is good. Remember you don't want to overwhelm your friends and followers on your profile with salesy type posts but you can go crazy on your Facebook business page.