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Creative Warriors membership is only open to the public 2 times per yr!! Now is your chance to get in:)
Requirements to join, you must be a member of Amy Parker Art website and have a PayPal account (both free). If you don't have these yet, it will walk you through the steps to do so by clicking to join Creative Warriors for ONLY $30 per month HERE
*YES you may cancel at anytime but why? Rome wasn't built in a day lol! Amy has a library of information for you to help you market your artwork online organically.



Here's what Linda has to say...

Creative Warriors is a wonderful group of people who want to learn and help each other grow in our skills and our business potential. Amy is a wonderful mentor, always willing to help us when we need it. She brings us together in a friendly environment. So glad I joined Creative Warriors. Thank you, Amy!


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Your price will never up for as long as you stay a member!
The membership price will go up, because Amy's continuously adding valuable content, but NOT for you. Your price will ALWAYS stay the same at Only $30 per month! *Imagine selling 1 of your paintings for $60 and guess what, that just paid for 2 months of your membership!! What if you only sold 1 small piece of your artwork per month for as low as $30 bucks? Yup, that would pay for your membership while you gain incredible knowledge with Amy's proven strategies:)


Here's what Gail has to say...

I love learning new things and seeing everyone's painting skills. Love the way Amy teaches and her wisdom on how to get started in your own selling. I am not there yet, but am enjoying the ride!


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*How would it feel to have an art business coach at your fingertips?


*What would your life look like if you could have the direct steps to sell your own art? 

*What would it feel like to become an Artpreneur?

*What would you use your extra $ for by selling your own creations? Christmas maybe? Pay a few bills or maybe even your mortgage every month like Amy did?

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A couple of #Wins from Creative Warriors members!!

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A note from Amy

 I seriously couldn't be happier to help you along your creative journey! Building my own art business online from the comfort of my home studio has been amazing & it has changed my life:) 


 I took those strategies I've created that work and put them into Creative Warriors for you.

 I'm all about giving back to my creative community because I know what it feels like to struggle as an artist & feel overwhelmed and confused about the business end of things. 

 You can do it!! I'll cheer you on the entire way! I love to empower you with creative possibilities.

 See you inside!!                            Join HERE

      Amy x0x0x0

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