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*If you're a member of Creative Warriors don't sign up here. It's free for you!

 It's only $10 for the entire week Woo Hoo!

 I couldn't be more excited to offer you this amazing experience of how to sell a painting - coaching week!!


 I'm giving you my proven strategies so you can start discovering how to market your own paintings online. 

 You'll have so much fun, gain business skills and get a taste of what it's like for me to coach you. I do this inside of my membership Creative Warriors all the time but on a monthly basis. 

 Basically I'm taking a months worth of valuable content, putting it into a pretty box for you and giving it all to you within a one week time frame!

 So yes, it will be a lot but I don't want you to feel overwhelmed or that you might miss out on something. These are recorded trainings you can keep forever!!



Interactive Coaching week has ended. You will be purchasing the replay experience.

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I'm Amy - owner of Amy Parker Art and founder of Creative Warriors

I developed, How to Sell a Painting - Coaching Week, to help  artists who struggle to sell their artwork online. I've been there myself.

 I know, we just want to create, put it out there and hope for the best BUT... we can't pass go without a business and marketing strategy. 

 I put proven marketing strategies, that I've created and used myself, into a Fun & Simple way!! 


 Sign up below so I can coach you through the process and hold you by the hand step by step. 

Artist Amy Parker

The possibilities on what you can accomplish during and after Coaching Week is AMAZING!!

You Could Literally...
*Start or grow your art business!!
*Understand and utilize marketing strategy
*Have support from a creative community
*Sell 1 to Many paintings
*Grow your own collector base
*Know that your artwork is worth it!


Join with the form below for only $10

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Early Bird Sign up *BONUS*


 We will NOT be painting this week Live. This is all about your business and marketing strategy. I will be teaching you how to sell a painting you've already completed or 1 in the future you'd like to paint. You can use this strategy for ALL of your paintings!

 Sign up now and I'll give you this early bird, pre-recorded, painting tutorial Bonus - Purple Tree!! This is a step by step instructional video. Guess what... I'm giving you GOLD rights to this Purple Tree design. Meaning, yes you CAN use this one as your painting to sell during coaching week! 

 *Purple Tree is, hands down, one of my biggest blockbuster sellers!! I've sold 36 reproduction paintings of this actual design to my customers so far.

Sign up below, fill in the form for only $10

What's included for only ten bucks?

Here's the actual Calendar of Happenings inside of Coaching week!

**The interactive Coaching Week has passed but the calendar shows the EXACT content you WILL get with the Recorded Experience**

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*If you're a Creative Warrior don't sign up here. You already have free access!

Join Coaching Week Now for $10 by filling in this form
*You're purchasing the REPLAYS*

 When you click the BLUE button you'll go to checkout. After purchase you will receive your Replay Experience on Amy Parker NOT the Facebook group because this Live interactive week has passed. 

 If you don't see your Replay Experience automatically then hit - back to merchant. 

 If you need any tech help signing up:

Email me:

Text me: 207-230-6018


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