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Canvases - Wrapped

*Phoenix canvas packs. These come in all the standard sizes. My favorite is 16x20". Grab them HERE

*Arteza canvas packs 16x20" - 6. Check them out HERE

*Fixsmith 11x14" 8 pack (but you can get other sizes as well) right HERE

*I'm an Amazon Associate. This page & other pages on my website & blog contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may make a small profit to support my coffee habit. Thanks so much! Ok here's the products I use & love for creating art & running an online creative business...

 Paints - Fluid

* Apple Barrel 8oz acrylic - pick your colors. I suggest: black, white, bright blue, bright red, bright yellow, burnt umber & nutmeg brown - for your basics! Pick them HERE

*Apple Barrel 8oz set, comes with 8 bottles - Grab it HERE

*Apple Barrel 2oz set of 16, most popular colors right HERE

*DecoArt silver metallic 2oz. Add a beautiful touch with this accent paint HERE

*DecoArt gold metallic 2 oz, pick your colors. I also love the Champagne gold HERE

*MUST HAVE - FolkArt floating medium. I use this all the time with my fluid paints! Get it HERE

Paints - Heavy Body

*Liquitex Basics, starter kit with 2.4oz tubes. Mostly for ceramics but I use on canvas all the time! Get your set HERE

*Liquitex Basics, 4 oz tubes - pick your colors HERE

*Winsor Newton, 20z tubes, set of 10, gouache - grab this pack HERE

*Master's Touch, 30 piece set! Get yours HERE

*Matte Fluid Medium, Liquitex Basics - MUST HAVE - Grab it HERE


*Jerry Q, Bristle brush set! HERE

*Pro Grade, 1" chips HERE

*Pro Grade - house paintbrushes HERE

*Royal & Langnickel, Set of 5 Brushes, Long Handle - right HERE

*Detailed XDT, check them out HERE

*Artists Loft, super value pack HERE

*Oval Mop for blending right HERE

*Angled set! See it HERE

*Plaid - Wide Flat brushes HERE


*U.S. Art Supply, hand held, Oval-Shaped Acrylic Painting Palette HERE

*Styrofoam dinner plates HERE

*Grey Matters, paper palette HERE

*Masking tape. I use this to put my palette paper onto my palette and also for horizon lines in my landscape paintings! Grab some rolls HERE

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