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Pumpkins & Flowers!

Yay, I'm so happy we're gonna paint together!

This new gorgeous autumn design I will create with you step by step on my Facebook business page. This will premiere in 2 parts. If you miss it, yes you can pause & paint the replays;)

Part 1: 9/26/21 10am EST. Part 2: 9/28 7pm

pumpkin paints (2).png

I'll be using Apple Barrel  acrylic craft paints.
(You may use any brand you have on hand;)
*Black *White *Bright Red *Bright Blue *Christmas Green *Bright Yellow *Purple Iris *Burnt Umber & *Nutmeg

brushes 1.png

*1"flat *2"flat *#6 round *#8 round *Detailed *1/2"angled *3/8" angled *Small bristle & *Medium sized bristle
-If you don't have the same exact brushes use the closest equivalent you have on hand:)

Pumpkins & flowers tracer.jpg


Screenshot or save to your computer to print or download this PDF. Transfer onto your canvas with carbon paper (I got mine at Staples).
*The tracer is optional because I will be showing you how to free hand this design during the class. 

Pumpkins & Flowers.jpg

"Pumpkins & Flowers"

Here is the image if you would like to use for reference. Also you can paint this on any size canvas or multi-media paper you'd like. I will be using a 16x20" wrapped canvas. I'm so excited to create with you!!



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