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Website Gallery Course

Sign up now HERE for only $197! This is your amazing discount for being a Creative Warrior!  Get ready to soar to the next level by discovering how to build a foundation for your online art business!! 

After purchasing through PayPal you will be directed to the thank you page with your next steps. If you don't see it automatically, hit "Back to Merchant".

If you need further assistance please email me at:  or text my community app at: 207-230-6018 (US & Canada only)

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This is an 8 week interactive course with 2 breathe weeks. So essentially we will be spending 10 weeks together. We start on Jan 9th 2023.

Discover how to set up your own free Wix website with a Gallery of your art! How to collect and send emails to people who Love your work!!

Amazing value added to this course with trainings on: Dropbox, Pinterest, Streamyard, Form submissions, Landing pages, creating a free gift, Trello Bonus and more!!

You might find this video helpful HERE

Yes we will have Zoom meetings, Q&A's and I will walk you step by step through this entire course!

You will have access to all of the trainings, even after the course is over!

Yes I will also have step by step written instructions for you that you can keep forever!!

Why I'm so Excited...

You're getting ready to embark on a journey that will turn you into a smart artpreneur!

You're going to discover things within yourself, you wondered if you could ever do and make it your REALITY!!

You're about to change your life and gain knowledge that will last a lifetime!

PLUS you'll save a bucket load of money! Hiring a web developer, designer would cost you between 2 to 6k!!!

I'm giving you the tools you need to create your business how YOU want and on YOUR schedule.

Grab your spot HERE Now and gain more clarity, direction and momentum.


Copyright Amy Parker Art 2022+       Privacy Policy  Terms  Disclaimer

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